Department of Anthropology : Morigaon College


Anthropology is the science of Man. It studies the origin, variation and evolution of man. It concerns explicitly and directly with all varieties of people throughout the world and of all periods. Beginning with the ancestors of human, who lived a few million years back, anthropology traces the physical and cultural development of man until the present i.e anthropology is the study of man from prehistoric past to present.

There are four major branches of anthropology.They are Physical and Biological anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Prehistoric anthropology and Linguistics anthropology.These major branches has numerous sub branches from which applied and action anthropology emerges.

To study the human society from remote past to present and from little known concerns of the world to complex societies, various methods and techniques has to be applied by the anthropologist.


The department of Anthropology under both science and arts stream started in 1994. The department started with three teachers and one laboratory bearer. The first batches of Higher secondary and TDC students appeared in the final examination in 1996. From 1996 onwards numbers of students in anthropology is increasing rapidly and are passing with flying colours. Each year 35 to 65 numbers of students are carrying letter marks in the subject. The major course in TDC class was introduced in the year 2009 with ten seats.Till date many students have completed higher studies and engaged in different jobs.


The department of Anthropology was established with the following broad aims---

'To impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students on the subject'.


Strive to promote knowledge, understanding and skill.


To acquinted students with the diversity of the human experience in its biological, cultural and historical contexts.


To impart knowledge of  human science in all its aspects through archeologica,biological,ethnological and linguistic anthropology.


The specific objectives of the department are

  • 1. To try to educate the rural people particularly women folks in health, hygiene, education and common hereditary diseases.
  • 2. To come into direct contact with the rural people of the area and to study their culture, preserve their material and non material cultural objects.
  • 3. Popularize the human science by organising seminar, exhibition, symposium etc.

Courses Offered

  • 1. The department currently offered under graduate courses for both science and arts stream.( BA/B.Sc Anthropology)
  • 2. It offers two add-on course of 30 hours duration on
  • a. Travel and Tourism
  • b. Data Collection and Project Report Preparation

Resources of the Department

The build-up area of the department is 990 sq.ft. It consists of

  • 1. Class room facilities - Two class rooms are equipped with black board and a projector. One Teachers common room equipped with a computer and a freeze.
  • 2. Laboratory facilities --In laboratory, there are sufficient numbers of human bones and skulls and two complete skeletons. Anthropometric instruments along with prehistoric collection of both artificial and original tools and pottery are there
  • 3. Museum -- Department has collected museum specimens locally.
  • 4. Library -- There is a departmental library with good numbers of books, journals and question bank.
  • 5. Computer -- Two computers and one printer are available in the department.



  • 1. Field study
  • 2. The Museum and laboratory.


  • 1. Inadequate number of sanctioned posts of teachers,
  • 2. Lack of books in vernacular language
  • 3. Less numbers of books in the departmental library


  • 1. To establish a center of cultural study and research and documentation of cultural events and tradition of different communities of the region.
  • 2. Development of  the museum.


  • 1. To overcome the language problem and develop the writing ability of the students in English
  • 2. To motivate the students for higher education.

Activities of the Department


  • 1. Field Work
  • 2. Extension Work
  • 3. Workshop
  • 4. Popular Talk
  • 5. Seminar
  • 6. Group Discussion 
  • 7. Community Service 


  • 1. Joining in the cultural procession of college week and begging prizes.
  • 2. Collection and maintenance of Museum objects.
  • 3. Staging street play on gender equality.
  • 4. Publishing of wall magazine and hand written magazine every year.
  • 5. Organising freshman social, farewell, alumni meet.
  • 6. Active participation in organising different activities of the department.

Awards of the Department

No Data Available

Publication of the Department

  • 1. Nirobodhi- wall Magazine
  • 2. Hand written Magazine
  • 3. News letter "Anthropic"

Achievements of the Department

1. Each year 30 to 50 students of Higher secondary school Examination secure letter marks.

2. Nibaron Bora a HS student got highest marks in the subject in 2006

3. Pallavi Devi a student of Anthropology got highest marks in HSSLC exam. in 2009

4.Kabita Devi secured highest marks in TDC final examination under Gauhati University and honoured as Best Graduate in the year 2018.

Future Plan of the Department

  •  Upgradation of the Museum and collection of material objects of different tribes of North East India.
  •  Photographic documentation of all the important festivals, dances, and fairs of Assam in general and Morigaon District in particular.
  •  Documentation of Biya Naam- marriage song.
  •  To  Introduce a book bank for economically backward students.

Best Practices

  • 1. Maintainance of the museum by the students through training of the students on methods of cleaning,preservation and display of museum objects.
  • 2. Organising awareness programme for villagers while doing field study.   
  • 3. Periodical health check-up programmme for teaching and non-teaching staff of Morigaon College by the department .( BP measurement, BMI, Nutritional assessment)